Friday, May 10, 2013

Election 2013 and its highly informed voters

I am happy and excited for the elections and its not because its my first time voting. This is not about who I'm voting for and who I'm not. This is me being a proud citizen who has recently noted herself and everyone she knows get out of their slumbers and stand up for whatever they believe in. Yes, there are people who never bothered to vote before and not because they were underage. It is safe to say that people are bothering this time. Some of whom I know going all the way to Peshawar and even Faisalabad from Islamabad or taking chartered flights from abroad just to cast their votes.

This time is different, we are not people blinded by any sort of love for a party or candidate. As much as we finger point each other's belief we all know that we are all working on logic. And here, I would like to take the opportunity to declare how offended we young ones feel when we are declared immature or hero-worshipers when we claim to support new ideologies/new comers. As far as I know, most mainstream parties are taking a special interest in the young population. After all, they constitute for more than 50% of total voters. And most of us have made the effort of reading party manifestos.

What people don't get is that all of us, in our 20s and well, slightly under, were not exactly blessed with an ideal socio-eco-political condition. We have witnessed bomb blasts, dharnas, rallies that have influenced our exams, our farewell parties and the mere indulgence of enjoying some time out with friends. We have volunteered, gone to tribal areas, donated for causes from personal spending money, argued with parents to allow us to get out of the house for causes and assured them that if God wills, we will return in one piece. Call us "burger" again. I dare you, I double dare you. (See what I did there?)

So yeah, while the adults lived their young adult life in bell bottoms and liberal lifestyles and listened to Michael Jackson and the Beatles we have been face to face with extremism almost everyday of our lives. Cut us some slack? I thought I was very well versed and awesome because I am aware of all constituencies and their candidates and their respective pasts and reputations, It appears so is everyone else, my friends, my colleagues and everyone who knows how to work a hash tag over twitter. It is admirable right, normally at this time of the year, people discuss the latest Game of Thrones episode or some lawn exhibition but now its about "halkas" and "jalsas".

Verdict: listen up, we are very difficult to fool this time. Before declaring a random crowd "hullar baaz" think that they might actually know what's going on. I am NA 48. To date, we have 51 candidates standing. As me and my friends were discussing that day, there's this conundrum between the voting for party or candidate. Someone asked my opinion, I told them, by all means if your candidate is crappy, don't vote for that party. The point is choosing the BEST candidate of them all. If a corrupt candidate is chosen under a different party slogan then we are not exactly going for change right? Then again, we all have our perspectives.

And remember, they need us a lot more than we need them. And I'll tell you how. This is not just about the votes. This time, if anyone who comes to power end up eating their words, people are actually going to eat them in turn. I'm dead serious. Choose wisely, give a new person a chance and if an old familiar face suited you then by all means vote for them. The truth is, the parliament of 2013 shall be a mixed fruit salad, which is a good thing. Maybe what Pakistan needs is a coalition government and a strong opposition. This way everyone can be kept in check.

We are not looking for perfection because its not like WE'RE perfect. It is true that the leader of the nation is the reflection of its people. And lets just say, we've been imperfect ourselves lately. Bad times are no justification for looting, cheating and killing. We might assume we are pure but corruption has many levels. Think about it.

Almost a day to go now. Do not forget and do not forgive. No time for forgiveness now. Locate your ID cards. May the best man/woman win? You have one vote and to quote Albus Dumbledore "USE IT WELL". Happy voting!

Politically yours,
Sara Q.

P.S : If you get time, watch this viral video about the proper procedure of vote casting. Try to go early as possible. Its gonna be hot and pretty busy.