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Talha A. B.

Sara Q.

What can I say about myself? No really, what do I say? Well, lets start with the fact that I'm just an average guy who has an epiphany every second, a revelation every minute, a revolutionary thought every hour and a psychological crisis everyday. Somewhere in that torrent of thought you will find Talha.
A little insight to the inner workings of me, I'm an INFP.

I'm a person of many words, a mind with many ideas, a body full of haphazardness, a chamber of many secrets, a vocal chord yielding high frequencies and an ear with many whisperings. Spontaneous yet predictable. I guess i'm the regular girl people usually think they know well. I'm letting the mystery stay; neither denying nor confirming that :D Somewhere in the disarray described above, you will find the calm known as Sara.